Our Approach

Our outreach efforts are built on a strong foundation of educator-to-educator connections. Learning in an iterative process helps build our reach and scale of the number of robotics courses taught to girls.

Identify Schools:

We work closely with educators to provide an avenue for outreach to schools in need. The team at Community Bots works closely with the applicants to provide an overview of the program and expectations for participation.

Teacher Training:

Once a school is identified, we work closely with the teachers to establish intensive training and coursework.

Hands-On Experience:

Powered by upcycled Equipment Donation that’s facilitated by the Community Bots team, we build the program with teachers and create a weeklong hands-on experience with the students while designing, building, programming robots, and exploring the lives of real role models women in the STEM field.

Ongoing Support:

We extend our services while setting up goals and having check-ins, providing support material and preparing our students for local and international competitions.

Building Networks:

Once our partnering programs successfully replicate the curriculum on their own over a two-year period, we provide them with updated robotics equipment together with ongoing support and training.

 Today is the day!

Be part of the change… Help us bridge the gender gap in engineering-STEM fields while bringing in equipment and training to young women and teachers in NYC and around the world.  Help us provide opportunities to new experiences offering a hands on and engaging program and a student centered pedagogy while acknowledging the achievement of women in STEM

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We believe that empowering girls and young women to pursue STEM careers begins in the classroom, and this age is an impressionable time in life recognized as a turning point.

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